Para Gear would like to thank all of our customers for their support over the years!

We are now celebrating Para Gear's 55th year of doing business!
We thought we would tell our valued customers a little about the humble beginnings of our company.

Para Gear Equipment Co. Inc. was founded in 1960 by Lowell Bachman. He was born and raised in Chicago and at the age of 20 entered the military. Lowell was a member of the 82nd Airborne Division and later on transfered to the Special Forces. While still in the Army Reserves Lowell Started Para Gear.

The original location was a 4000 square foot building, divided in half, situated near the intersection of Foster Ave and Broadway Ave in Chicago, Illinois. Back in the Prohibition era, mid 1930's, the building was used as a Speakeasy called the Nights of Paris. It was operated by the Purple Gang out of Detroit Michigan, and the building was also used for Bootlegging. After that, it changed names to the Cuckoo Club which for many years was a legitimate bar, and later still became the Drift Inn. When the building was purchased Para Gear occuped one half, or two thousand square feet which it began remodeling to its needs. The biggest challenge was to fill up all of the bullet holes in the building, walls, ceiling, floor, and roof from its colorful past.

In the mid sixties Para Gear expanded to the other half of the building making it 4000 square feet. In 1974, Para Gear moved to its current location at 3839 Oakton St in Skokie, Illinois, which is 17,000 square feet. With additional purchases Para Gear now occupies an additional 6000 square foot of warehouse for backup inventory. Skokie, Illinois is located 12 miles north of downtown Chicago and borders the northern Chicago city limits. In its history, Para Gear has been very fortunate to have employees who have worked here for many years, even as long as 35+ years. It has grown well beyond its humble beginnings and to date has sold to well over 125 countries in the world. From Australia to Zimbabwe.

Para Gear also publishes the largest skydiving catalog in the world, which is currently numberes at 232 pages. It also has the largest skydiving equipment website which along with the catalog contain all of the latest in parachutes and skydiving equipment. You can purchase a catalog at any time, or request a Free copy with your order.

We look forward to being of help to you in your needs for Parachutes and Skydiving Equipment!!

Dealer discount policy

Para Gear is anxious to acquire dealers who are serious about the parachuting business and who are working to make it grow.

Our dealers are required to:

— Make an initial purchase of $3,500.00 (dealer’s cost) and willing to sell equipment at suggested retail price.

— Subsequent orders must be a minimum of $200.00 (dealer’s cost)

— Annual purchases must total a minimum of $5,000.00 (dealer’s cost) to retain the dealership.

— Para Gear dealers must sell equipment at a profit and not less than the minimum price set by the particular manufacturer or Para Gear.

Para Gear’s discount percentages vary from 10% to 50% depending on the item purchased.


The dealer price is listed in our current catalog as the 20 or more price, or the largest percentage discount when percentages are listed. Items that do not list a 20 or more price of a percentage discount are listed on a Confidential Dealer Price List.


All orders are on a "payment with order" or "C.O.D." basis. Dealers who use credit cards as form of payment will be charged an additional 4%. Para Gear will not "drop-ship" orders for the dealers. 


Para-Gear will not accept checks for payment from anyone except the Para Gear dealer.


Para Gear encourages its dealers to expand, but in the event expansion or change of location causes conflict of interest with an existing Para Gear dealer, Para Gear may find it necessary to suspend or restrict dealer privileges.


We reserve the right to revoke dealer privileges. Price cutting, deep discounting, and selling equipment for less than the minimum price set by the manufacturer or Para Gear will cause immediate termination of the dealership. General Para Gear policies are listed in our current catalog will pertain to all orders.


Due to the ever-changing market of sport parachuting equipment, prices are subject to change without notice.  


If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us.


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